Engaging Life Intuitively, Living Spiritually

    You Need Answers

  • About Career, Romance, Relationships, Family
  • You really want to know what’s next for you
  • Maybe you already know the answers and need confirmation 


    You’re Feeling Stuck, Anxious, Out-of-Sorts

  • You’re experiencing emotional pain or conflict
  • You’re at a career crossroad
  • You’re going through a relationship breakup
  • You’re in an emotional crisis
  • Your inner chatter is so loud you just can’t. turn. it. off.
  • Plus, you’re scared. All the “What ifs” are kicking your fears into overdrive.


    You Want (need, desire, gotta have) Clarity

  • You’re SO ready to feel GOOD again (like your true self)
  • You want to feel directed and know your life is on track
  • You’d like to really listen to AND trust your inner guidance
  • You want compassionate, non-judgmental support


    I understand. I can help.


I’m Lisa Joiner, an Intuitive Counselor, and I love helping people get answers, take action and be excited about life. For over a decade, I’ve helped hundreds of clients experience emotional healing, connect to their authentic self, and succeed in life.


     An intuitive reading can help you gain insight and bring you hope.


My intuitive abilities help me tap into the stream of energy where your current scenarios and future possibilities live. This information can help you open up to guidance, direction, and reconnect with your higher self and Spirit.


As one of my teachers, Alberto Villoldo likes to say…


    “When we call Spirit answers, when Spirit calls we must answer.”


I’m honored to answer the call through my Intuitive Counseling/Spiritual Advisor work and Energy Healing work. Interested in knowing a little bit more about me, or want more info on my Intuitive Counseling or Energy Work? Try these links:   About Lisa     Working with Lisa


Here in my corner of the Internet ethers you’ll find inspiration, musings on life, stories and practical tools for


     Engaging Life Intuitively, and Living Spiritually


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