Engaging Life Intuitively, Living Spiritually

You’re on edge, feeling uncertain, like your life’s missing something.

You’re struggling to make decisions and feeling disconnected from your inner guidance or spiritual self.

You want to see a better future for yourself, but seeing past the dilemmas immediately in front of you is HARD. You need someone with a fresh set of ‘intuitive eyes’ who can look at your future and hold that vision for you.

That’s where I come in. I’m Lisa Joiner I help people facing spiritual and emotional difficulties, transform fear and indecision by providing intuitive insights, spiritual tools, and energetic shifts.

Trust. It’s a BIG word.

Trusting yourself, trusting Spirit, trusting others – it’s not easy. We all have trust issues to one degree or another. 

BUT…Trust is exactly what I do when I enter sacred space and connect with Spirit on your behalf. It’s automatic for me. I know that the Divine realm is actively waiting to assist me on your behalf and they never. ever. let me down. 

Intuitive : Spiritual Advisor : Shaman

As a life long intuitive, I embraced my abilities (personally) at an early age, but resisted sharing them (professionally) with others until my own spiritual journey redirected my path in my forties. Life has a way of showing up and demanding we take notice. In 2001 and over the course of six years I began studying with nationally known metaphysical teachers. By 2002 I had gone from resistance to acceptance, and since then I’ve helped hundreds of people on their spiritual journey gain clarity and improve their life experience.  


Intuitive: one who has the ability to know, sense, feel the seen & unseen possibilities, probabilities and realities that currently exist for people. Kind of like a Spiritual Search Engine (think Google).

Spiritual Advisor: a person offering spiritual knowledge and help in developing a spiritual practice to improve life balance. (Think MapQuest meets Yoga – OR Yoda!).

Shaman: someone who’s studied, experienced and practiced within a specific (indigenous) framework (in my case the Inca Traditions from Peru), working as a sacred intermediary between the natural and supernatural worlds. Kind of like….okay there’s nothing like it because it’s magical.

If it has to do with connecting and listening to Spirit, receiving information, and offering spiritual guidance, I can help.

Working one on one with clients, I help them gain inner clarity and live a more purposeful life, using my intuitive and empathic abilities and shamanic skills. My experience and training has given way to my own unique process that offers actionable guidance, practical tools and compassionate support.

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The Official (all the nitty gritty) Bio

Lisa Joiner has been an intuitive her entire life but it wasn’t until her forties that she got serious about embracing and accepting her intuitive abilities for a higher purpose.

In 2001 she began a formal course of study that included metaphysics, intuitive development and energy medicine with several master teachers, including (best-selling authors) Dr. Alberto Villoldo and Dr. Sonia Choquette. Her work with Dr. Choquette included a six month Psychic Pathway mentoring program with Debra Grace Graves.

Lisa is a graduate of the HEALING THE LIGHT BODY course. Her work with Dr. Villoldo included private mentoring, Medicine Wheel and Luminous Energy training.

This 300 hour intensive energy medicine program is taught by Four Winds Society Senior Faculty, Marcela Lobos, and Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.. It is internationally recognized as the Gold Standard in shamanic education, preparing wise and ethical energy medicine practitioners. 

 “The Light Body School is the Harvard of neo-shamanism”
—Harper’s Bazaar

Combining her natural abilities with her training, she began working with clients in 2002. Since then she has helped hundreds of clients improve their overall life experience with her visionary and empathic skills and as an energy medicine practitioner.

When she’s not working with clients, you can find this multi-passionate solopreneur volunteering her time co-chairing a local women’s leadership coalition, or spending time with her handsome, and way smart and talented (local) politician husband. 

Lisa is a published author. She was a featured speaker and practitioner on Maria Shaw’s Enlightenment Cruise in 2005. She’s been a contributing writer for Spiritual Magazines, and has been a guest on national talk radio.

Still want more info (ya know, personal stuff)? 

Cool. Read on.

Lisa and Paul fleet week small Lisa rolling with photo cornersThe light from Bandelier framed

I’m a Northern California girl, and was raised (very happily) on a multi-generational family farm. Straight A’s were my gig in school, I love being a good student and am a lifelong learner. I worked in an office for a single day (when computers were the size of small cars) and knew that was not my path. I opted instead for a career in sales and became a road warrior for nearly 30 years, selling everything from cosmetics, to dinnerware to car parts (and all things in-between). 

My husband and I thoroughly enjoy a glass of Old Vine Zin, (Rombauer is our fave) and make each other laugh by playing Pictionary. I love donuts, Aperol Spritz, NCIS and British Detective Programs. I enjoy painting with watercolor, and making Santos Dolls out of paperclay. Dinner with friends, flying kites and eating pie with family are wonderful past times. And, if I can genuinely make you laugh my heart fills with joy.

I have a special connection to Mother Mary (especially the Guadalupe) and find Mary Magdalene utterly fascinating. I have a strong fondness for Spanish Colonial Art and (if money were no object) I would own lots of it! Oh…and I would go to Iceland, the Amalfi Coast, Norway, Tahiti (and other places around the globe)! My bucket list is still long and life is good.