Engaging Life Intuitively, Living Spiritually

Your mind keeps spinning on the same darn thing over and over, and you can’t let. it. go.

You keep repeating the same patterns in your love life, relationships, or career.

You’ve read tons of self-help books but nothing does the trick.

A Crystal Ball would be nice, you know…a glimpse at your future possibilities.

And…Maybe a few Practical Tools for Spiritual Living & a little Actionable Guidance.

Good News! 

You’re in the Right Place.

I’m Lisa Joiner, and while I don’t have a crystal ball, I do help people transform fear, indecision and confusion by providing intuitive insights, spiritual tools, and energetic shifts. 

Working With Me…the nitty gritty

Intuitive Readings:

30 or 60 minutes

All of my readings are private consultations that take place either in person or over the phone. (Yes, phone readings are just as accurate as in-person readings.)  My intuitive abilities help me tap into the stream of energy where your current scenarios and future possibilities live. I don’t use crystal balls, oracle cards (although I own many decks!), or other divining tools (have lots of these too!) in my readings. I enjoy them but they are not normally part of my reading process. Quite simply, the information comes to me and I share it with you. 

The Process:

Prior to starting, I say a prayer. I ask to become a clear and open channel for you. I ask to receive the information that is for the your highest good, and that I’m able to communicate it exactly as you need to hear it. 

We then begin the reading by you asking me a question or giving me an area to focus on; for instance career or relationship. Information comes to me in many different forms; images, words, feelings or a sense of knowing. 

I may ask you questions that help me clarify the information I’m receiving, (color of hair for instance of the person I am seeing) this assists me in following the energy stream. Sometimes the person I’m seeing is not who you asked about.

The messages may be literal or metaphor…however they come in I trust they will be exactly what you need. Spirit has a sense of humor and sometimes uses a vocabulary that is different from mine. This doesn’t mean a foreign language, just not my normal “speak.”

I don’t record my sessions but you are welcome to. At times, I provide follow up via email based on the reading session.

Spiritual Advisor:   

1 Hour

This is a blend of all my different spiritual training and actually integrates throughout my readings and energy work. However, some folks aren’t interested in visioning the future, they need help through a crisis or spiritual tools to create a shift in their lives. 

Session Process:

As I listen to you, I track the information you give me as it has woven its way through your life. It lights up like a luminous thread giving way to those areas of your life that seek healing. I can also track where the issue sits in your body. I gently, yet directly, ask questions that guide you to insights that can help you change old patterns into new life choices.

Each session can also involve some form of energetic therapy. As a shaman I work to remove the energetic imprint that has kept you stuck, experiencing the same issue over and over again creating emotional and sometimes physical pain. The energy work transforms these heavy energies (Hucha) into light and changes our luminous architecture to one of nourishing life energy.


It is important for you to stay active in your personal healing work. This is your journey and it is important for you to integrate the discoveries that come up during our sessions into your life. To the degree you participate and do the work, positive transformation will occur. If the you are not ready to do the personal work involved, then there will probably not be forward movement in your personal healing. I trust that whatever the outcome, it is perfect for you at this stage of your journey.

I am always delighted and amazed at the profound results this work produces.

Shamanic Energy Healing

1.5 hour per session

During our private session, I allow my intuition to guide me as we work together listening to the voice of your soul. We use this time together to connect with your essential self through discussion and different energetic processes. As information surfaces we allow it to guide us, exploring your inner landscape.

We begin the process by discussing the issue you would like to work on and letting it guide us. There are three core processes I use depending on your immediate energetic needs. I discuss the suggested process for your particular scenario with you prior to starting the energetic work. Tracking this issue in your body, we then begin the energetic work. 

After the energetic process, we let the discoveries guide us once again and conclude with discussion. At this time we develop a plan of action that will help you integrate the work as you move forward on your journey.

What are your rates?

I’m so glad you asked! 

Use the links below for Paypal,  I also take credit cards.

$125. /hour


$65. /30 minutes 

$45. /15 minutes  

$185. /1.5 hour counseling/energy session  

Yes, I accept Credit Cards,  and Paypal