Engaging Life Intuitively, Living Spiritually

I’m Feeling the LOVE! 


“Whenever I need clarity in any area of my life, I call Lisa. She gets right to the core of any challenge and offers practical guidance and insights for resolving it. She is gifted, yet very down-to-earth, warm, and easy to talk to. I have referred clients, family, and friends to her over the years with great results. If you need direction in any or many areas of your life, Lisa can be the help you’re looking for. I highly recommend her!” 
 Raymond – Los Angeles, CA



“Lisa is the real deal. When someone suggested I go to see her for my anxiety I was open but skeptical. She has changed my life. My husband has seen how Lisa has helped me over the past several years and is a believer. I still go see her whenever I feel a need for a “tune up”. Lisa is truly an angel. “

Pat D. – El Dorado Hills, CA



“Lisa is a powerful healer who happens to be very humble. She’s blown me away with her conversational intuition, and her encouragement and insights have inspired me to take more risks, release old fears and embrace my gifts. 

Her approach is kind and nuanced–she has an innate sense of what you need to hear and she won’t, like some “psychics,” use her gift to scare you or divorce you from your own intuition; quite the opposite–since working with Lisa I’ve become more certain of my own instincts, though when I’m at a crossroads that could benefit from her unique spiritual approach, I call her.”

Rebecca – New York, NY



“Thank you for your wonderful insight as always. I am continuously amazed by you. I have been to other “intuitives”, “psychics”, or what have you – but no one has dealt with me to the level you have.”

Peter – San Ramon, CA



“Lisa, As always, it is wonderful to get communication from you. You are wise beyond your years and articulate in your translation of spiritual findings. Love you!”

Toni – Los Angeles, CA



“My work with Lisa as a client has been nothing short of life altering. She has opened up a whole new world of understanding and acceptance. She has restored my sense of balance and helped me move my life in a much more positive direction.
Working with her in a teacher/student capacity has sent my life in a direction I didn’t even know was possible. The sense of purpose I now feel would never have been discovered without her incredible gifts, patience, and love.”

Deanna – Rocklin, CA



“I was at a time in my life when I needed spiritual guidance. My life was going great in other areas; loving husband, good kids, and a fulfilling job, but I could not lose the feeling that I was missing something. A very close friend of mine told me about Lisa. I called her and I felt an immediate connection to her, and that feeling that I was “missing something” started to fade. She has far exceeded my expectations of any spiritual leader I have ever met. Her intuition has led me to a more fulfilling and peaceful life. I consider her to be my spiritual mentor and friend. I will always value her magical insight and wisdom!”

Annette – Sacramento, CA



“Lisa Joiner began to help me a few years ago. I was suffering and struggling severely with the grief of losing my father, who passed away two years prior to my seeing Lisa. After 6 months of therapy and a couple of years on antidepressants, I was only just beginning to feel like I was coming out of this mess. I mentioned to my therapist my interest in metaphysics, and she recommended I give Lisa a call.

It is hard to describe in words the level of relief I received after my first powerful session with Lisa. The way in which she combined discussion and energy work addressed the multiple layers of issues I was facing. We had a couple follow up sessions after the first visit, of which she gave me some suggestions of work to do on my own. In the three visits, spaced out over three months, I was able to truly let go of my grief and get to that space of acceptance. With my therapist and doctor’s approval, I got off the antidepressants during those follow up sessions, and feel like I am back on my path from where I had strayed.  

Lisa helped me get back on track with my life, my goals, and my family. Her insight is thoughtful, caring, and gently given. Lisa conducts her sessions with professionalism and warmth. I have recommended her services to many of my friends, and she recently helped my Mother get some relief with some life-long issues she had been carrying around. I highly recommend her to any one that feels open minded to the spiritual realm, for answers they may not have been able to reach by most conventional methods.”

Wendy – Lincoln, CA


Lisa Joiner

I am blessed to have such wonderful clients who trust me and commit to the work. I am grateful for each of you. Thank you for your kind words, trust and belief in Spirit!