Engaging Life Intuitively, Living Spiritually

Radiant Spirituality Practitioner Mentoring


Excited about being a practitioner but daunted by feelings of fear, or overwhelm.


asking yourself “Who am I to do this work?”


Comparing yourself to those who seem to already own the stage and thinking the world doesn’t need another practitioner.

Or Perhaps You’re…

Feeling like you’re client base would be a bit more main stream compared to other “woo, woo” and metaphysical practitioners you’ve met.

When you allow yourself to dream

You’d really like to have…

A healing or intuitive practice that accurately and professionally represents your skills and abilities AND is taken seriously.

You… just. don’t. know. where. to. start.

Then Radiant Spirituality Practitioner Mentoring is perfect for you.

Mentoring is for those people looking to deepen their spiritual practice, heal old wounds and listen to the voice of their soul. This is big work that requires a commitment to go to those areas that are uncomfortable, push through each week to embrace the work, and build a new energy field.

Practitioner mentoring is also for the individual who knows they were called to do this great and humbling work, who wants to create a credible, authentic, and professional practice AND experience the amazing feelings of deep joy and satisfaction that assisting clients provides.

You will also benefit from Mentoring if…

  • You need help fully identifying, developing, and understanding your metaphysical abilities and your area of focus.
  • You need help doing the inner work so you can have the practice of your dreams.
  • You need help developing a framework for your private practice.
  • You need help communicating with clients and potential clients by using friendly language that comforts and appeals.

During the mentoring program you will feel…

Supported & Connected

One of my gifts is to cut through the confusion, and create a clear path to the outcome.

I listen and help you own your abilities, empowering you to take action and see results.

But, let’s be clear. This is your work and it will require action and practice on your part.

Beginning a Practitioner business is an important endeavor.

Your Practice should be….


Reflect your abilities, personal healing journey, and relationship with the Divine

Your practice is a BIG deal.

Being talented isn’t enough… declaring this is

Your unique talent that only you bring to the world

~ Marie Forleo

is the feeling you need to have.

Mentoring is a no-nonsense, compassionate, program designed to help you successfully progress through your healing journey, help with your spiritual development, establish your practitioner framework, get your inner divine flowing, and your feet moving down the spiritual path.

Personal and Exclusive

I work with you one-on-one.

The healing journey will be organic as we work together to identify those areas that bring you the greatest challenges and require the most attention.

If you are interested in personal growth and healing, this is the work that is life altering and transformational. To the degree that you embrace the work, the results will be in kind.

If you are looking to become a practitioner or are a practitioner and want to further develop your skills, this becomes your “medicine,” that special spiritual insight that is the key component to your practice. It’s what magnetically attracts clients to your practice and it’s what feeds your soul. Whether you are an intuitive, channel, energy worker or therapist, we all have a niche or specialty that defines our area of expertise. This may shift and grow as we do, but it always represents an area that you did personal healing around.

Together we’ll identify your abilities, skills and interests, determine what the most important elements are for you in life, and as a practitioner and create a framework for your healing practice. 

You will gain clarity and inspiration.

As your mentor my goal is to deliver a results oriented, no-nonsense plan while comforting, nurturing and empowering you to take consistent action as you walk your own healing and practitioner path.

Is Mentoring Right for Me?

This program is not for everyone.

If you prefer someone else do the work for you, or if you don’t want to do the homework, or if spiritually and emotionally stretching or feeling uncomfortable makes you well….uncomfortable, then this is not the program for you. 

What’s the Investment?

Your willingness to take action and be open to the process

8 Week Program:

Payment in Advance – $1895

3 Payment Plan Price is $1999 – ( Automatically billed: $675 first installment today, second installment $662 week 3, and last installment $662 billed week 6)

Additional 4 weeks $999 – Paid in Advance

2 Payment Plan Price is $1150 – ($600 billed today, $550 automatically billed at week 3)

Gimme the Details

Mentoring is an exclusive program specific to each person. This allows me to provide personalized service and attention.

8 week schedule:

  • Assessment  questionnaire completed 1 week prior to start date
  • 4 – 60 minute Scheduled Phone sessions  per program (Weeks 1, 3, 6, 8)
  • 2 – 1.5 hour in-person sessions (if you are out of town these can be via phone/skype) – Weeks 2 & 5
  • 2 – 30 minute phone check-in sessions week 4, 7
  • Specific Email follow-up to each phone appointment
  • Practitioner Framework Planning
  • Action Plan
  • Compassionate Support
  • Unlimited Email correspondence


AdditionalPhone Consultations: 30 Minute Increments/$65


Can I make payments?

Yes, I have a 3 payment plan at a slightly higher rate for the 8 week plan. Your credit card will be automatically billed for the first installment prior to us starting and as you receive your questionnaire, the next two installments happen on weeks 3 and 6 for the eight week program.

For the 4 week plan the initial payment is in advance and the second payment is at week 3.

What is your return policy or guarantee?

If, after our first full session (this includes the email follow-up) you decide the program is not a good fit I will refund your investment minus $275.

Is every plan the same?

No, because not everyone’s healing journey, spiritual path or practice is the same and their abilities are all different. However, every practice has similar protocols, ethics and spiritual codes along with a similar business structure, so the framework for parts of the mentoring will be similar.

Will you develop a Practitioner business plan for me?

I will help you define your plan, provide you with valuable information, assist you with inspiration, and support your trail blazing efforts, but I do not do the work for you. This is your healing journey and practice and it will be a success based on your efforts and implementation. I am the guide, coach, mentor…. you are the trail blazer. Together we are a great team!

 It’s really easy to get started……….

Just click the button below. Or send me an email lisa@lisajoiner.com and say YES to mentoring!