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Embracing Change and Moving Forward

Yesterday, I learned Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat, Pray, Love and Big Magic fame is splitting from her husband Jose, whom we met as the character Felipe, at the end of Eat, Pray, Love. A story beautifully written and lived, is now changed forever. My heart aches for them. They’ve been together twelve years, and separating, no matter how ‘amicable’ is difficult.

As fans, we so wanted our heroine to have the “happily ever after.” She was proof that finding oneself and finding romantic love is possible. Her story gave us hope. Now she helps us understand another piece of the story; endings and new beginnings continue throughout life.

Truth is, our human journey is about change and moving forward. It’s about growth, and that includes the highs and lows, the good times and difficulties that we’re all challenged with in life. Happiness and circumstances ebb and flow creating inner strength and wisdom.

A new way of living is being revealed for Liz and Jose… and also for many of you reading this article who are in the midst of major changes right now.

Liz is very in tune with her spirituality and will no doubt embrace the change and flow with it. That doesn’t mean she won’t be sad, angry or unhappy for a while. Feeling the emotions and allowing them to move through us and inform us is part of the spiritual work. Verbal processing and sharing is also important, but there’s a fine line between having a story and being stuck in your story. The story evolves, and so must we. As my teacher says, “I have a story, I’m not my story.”

Liz and Jose will find their way through the loss. They’ll eventually find joy again. I believe that. Liz has a strong faith and support system. She’ll write and heal. She’ll show us a wiser heroine, a vulnerable soul who isn’t afraid to be open, tender, and strong. She’ll demonstrate that the journey is filled with unexpected moments that change our life, sometimes in wondrous ways, sometimes not, and ultimately we’re better for it.

She’s entering a new chapter that’s still being discovered. It might be messy, sad, and uncomfortable for a while but it’ll also be juicy, interesting, fulfilling and so worth it.

Wherever you’re at in your story right now, be the hero/heroine. Find the courage to embrace change and move forward one small step at a time. Live each day ready for the next big chapter, where you’re the inspiration for a juicy, character in this short, fun adventure called life.

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