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Competitive, Supportive, Collaborative


“Collaboration is a huge part of what drives your insight and innovation.”

Faith Popcorn


I believe competition can be healthy. Let me explain. When I witness someone succeeding, and executing flawlessly, my competitive nature comes out. It makes me want to stretch myself; to match their success or create something even better.


I don’t view competition as having to destroy or undermine someone else in order for me to succeed. My view is excellence encourages excellence. It ups everyone’s game.  In sports I believe that’s also the case, but obviously the point is to win. In business, I believe when we bring our genius to the table everyone wins.


Being supportive of each other can happen even when we’re being competitive. Unfortunately, there are those that have an attitude of scarcity. They believe if someone else succeeds there won’t be anything left for them. I disagree. There’s more than enough for everyone. And, we all have a different niche, specialty, and ideal customer. What we offer, and how we offer it,  appeals to clients that are the best fit for us. And, as one of my mentors likes to say; “When it’s not a good fit you should always refer out.”


When we help others succeed we create a spirit of cooperation and more opportunity for innovation. When we actually collaborate with others, innovation thrives as does support, and personal insight. We learn, we share, we teach, we create, we accomplish. It’s fun. The simplest idea or adjustment offered from a fellow collaborator can have a positive and impressive impact on a project.


This happens all the time in my Copy Study Group. We collaborate with each other on website copy. The first step requires being brave enough to share our original copy with the group. Normally we’re nervous because we know it’s not our best work. The group understands, because we’ve all been there.


Once the collaboration kicks in, you get multiple people generously providing feedback, insights, and suggestions. The collaboration opens the creative doorways and offers a fresh perspective. Each of us brings something different to the table and we offer it with friendly, helpful intentions. If someone offers copy that’s spot on, it’s understood the copy can be used and we’re all 100% okay with that. The final outcome is copy that is inspired by collaboration.


Sometimes collaboration happens more passively. An example; as I work in my home office, information comes into my inbox and newsfeed. I read blog posts, articles, and books, I watch webinars, and inevitably there’s a consistent message that’s both timely and coincides with what I’m working on.


As I write my article and offer my ideas, I interject some of those I’ve found (or have found me). Offering readers the larger conversation by quoting and citing my ‘collaborators’ provides them with additional resources and encourages engagement.


Many times I simply offer a link to a well written article and express my gratitude or opinion. While I’m not openly collaborating with that person, I’m supporting their work and allowing their work to inspire mine and hopefully motivate my clients.


When people get caught up in negative competitive behavior they give power to scarcity thinking and diminish their own value. When we do our best, support others, and reside in our zone of genius we create ample opportunities for success.


Yet, there are times when even our best efforts don’t win us the contract, promotion, or bonus. I acknowledge this is disappointing. However, not winning can provide us exactly what we need to reassess our efforts, change our perspective, and either refocus or change course entirely.


By the way, not winning doesn’t mean you’re unaccomplished or a loser. Jennifer Hudson and Chris Daughtry didn’t win American Idol and SpaceX continues to incur failures with their platform landings, yet all are highly successful. Failure provides excellent insights, information and the impetus to keep going. Every success is normally precipitated by multiple failures.


Stretching outside our comfort zone is necessary. It helps us grow and it energizes us when we accomplish that thing we were SO fearful of trying. I believe when we succeed at something other people are encouraged that they too, can succeed. For me, that’s what success is about; feeling fulfilled, winning in life, inspiring and encouraging others, and evolving.


“Clarity comes from engagement not thought.”

Marie Forleo

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